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Frequently Asked Questions

Wolfgang Jaksch Swiss Bionic Interview:


1.     How do we transport the Omnium1 PEMF Mat system around?

The company does sell "Travel Bags" . . . You can find the Price List in your back office under Marketing Material, and on the form look under "Accessories".  If you have the "Complete Set" which includes the Omni-Brain and Omni-Spot it really doesn't all fit into the 2 options they offer (a travel bag or backpack).  My husband (for his Omnium1) bought his own bag, or used one he already had, which he prefers.  I have both a travel bag and a backpack from Swiss Bionics and the backpack holds the "Basic Set "quite nicely, and then I carry the Omni-Brain & Omni-Spot separately.  Hope that all makes sense.

2.     Where can I find info on what each of the Quick Start Setting are/do?

All the Quick Start Settings deliver only earth-based frequency of 0.5 to 30 Hertz, so we can rest assured we have a "do no harm" wellness device (however, every body is different and a good rule of thumb is to keep the Intensity low for anyone withchronic conditions so as to avoid symptoms of a "healing crisis" ~ therefore, lower intensity for a longer period of time for those with chronic conditions)! 

The Intensity setting indicates the AMOUNT of the earth frequency that is being delivered.  The Quick Start programs all deliver a "bundle" of earth frequencies of 0.5 to 30 Hertz (plus earth Harmonics) using the saw-tooth pulsed wave form, and in a pattern towards what they are named (i.e. Relaxation to bring total Relaxation!). 

Diana’s Notes:
POLARITY -- You will notice in the Upper Right on your Android Tablet – every 2 Minutes there is a change in Polarity – N for North and S for South  (Wolfgang thinks of everything!)

TIME OF DAY:  You will also notice that each of these Quick Start programs is associated with a time of day:  Based on Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night.
This is based on the Chinese Organ Clock, and the time of day that affects various organs and glands in our bodies.

Goldie’s Notes:  Here is my personal experience and understanding of the Quick Start buttons: 

Relaxation~ 24 minutes  NOON

12 Minutes at 25 Intensity

12 Minutes at 10 Intensity

 ~ this is my "go to" and my very FAVORITE setting!

Performance ~ 12 Minutes  NOON

4 Minutes at 50 Intensity

4 Minutes at 100 Intensity

4 Minutes at 200 Intensity

~ Some say this is for Athletes needing to "perform"; my husband starts his day with it; I rarely use it (it can feel like too many cups of coffee for some, LOL)

Activation ~ 12 Minutes  MORNING

4 Minutes at 10 Intensity

4 Minutes at 25 Intensity

4 Minutes at 50 Intensity

~ I sometimes use this in the morning if I feel I want more energy (can feel to some like 1 or 2 cups of coffee)

Sleep ~ 24 Minutes   NIGHT

12 Minutes at 10 Intensity

12 Minutes at Sensitive

~ I tend to use Relaxation before I sleep and it works like a darn!  I haven't played with this one much, however, I rarely have a hard time sleeping!  My husband said it didn't help him sleep, until after he had been using the PEMF mat at other settings for 3 months (Interesting, eh!)

Regeneration  ~ 24 Minutes   EVENING

12 Minutes of 25 Intensity

12 Minutes of 10 Intensity

~ My other FAVORITE and very useful setting (who wouldn't want to "Regenerate"); I used it almost exclusively when I had a client come to lay on my mat . . . unless they are a "Sensitive", then this may be to intense and best to start them on "Sensitive" or Intensity 10.

3.  Nutrition & PEMF

You shared that a supplement (MSM):  "MSM makes cells permeable and flexible allowing toxins out and nutrients in."

This sounds great!  Plus as you read further into what does PEMF Therapy do? you will find that PEMFT does exactly this for your cells (therefore, extra MSM, may not be necessary, eventually, when using your mat consistently).  All supplements and even drugs that you take should be regulated closely when consistently using PEMF Therapy because the body is repairing to full function and optimal vitality ~ and therefore, these extras can be reduced and often eliminated (saving you money & visits to you doctor!).

4.  Is there a setting for Glaucoma

This is something I deal with as well ~ let's talk!  More generally ~ the settings are so similar for EVERY DIS-EASE because PEMF therapy targets the renewal, repair and strengthening of all cells to HEALTHY CELLS.  HEALTHY CELLS = HEALTHY BODY (period)!  Simple.  Very unlike the Medical system we know . . . which attempts to categorize and LABEL everything & then treat symptoms with drugs or surgery (rarely getting to the root cause of a "dis-ease").  The holistic way (assisting the body to completely repair & regenerate itself like it is designed to do using the 5-Elements we need for optimal health of good air, water, food, sunlight and earth frequency unhindered by harmful frequencies) is VERY different and unfamiliar to many of us here in North America, yes!? 

Back to your question, there is not a specific setting for Glaucoma, however, for cell repair, get on the full body mat 3-4 times a day in the 6 hour increments of morning, noon, afternoon and evening for at least 8 minutes at a low intensity.  If you do add the Omni-spot over your eyes ~ the intensity should not be more than 10 (I feel) for 8 minutes. 

Please check out the "Wolfi's Law" chart for what part of the body for how high in intensity.

Wolfi's Law ~


5.  Using the Omni-mat on a Zero Gravity Chair

We do have a Zero Gravity Chair from Canadian Tire, and were able to get the LARGE model and the mat fits perfectly.  Sorry to hear yours doesn't sound quite wide enough, darn. 

On page 19 it starts talking about the various "Applicators" ~ the full body Omni-Mat, Omni-Pad (sometimes referred to as a Pillow), Omni-Spot, etc.  Here is a note from page 19 of a Swiss Bionic document regarding the bending of the Omni-Mat: 

"The full body applicator is divided by seams. It can be folded into three parts on the seams, however should not be bent or rolled in order to protect the copper coils."

Other options for the Omni-mat is on a massage table (it's nice and firm, but comfortable); a wide-enough Zero Gravity Chair; on a Yoga or Pilates mat on the floor; or lay in your bed, and unfold it ON TOP of you like a blanket!  I've done this when I'm lazy and want to be in bed (as you may know, laying on top of the mat which in directly on top of a bed mattress is not a good idea because most mattresses are not firm enough and therefore the copper coils may bend and get damaged).

5.  Charging the Android Tablet

1.  Wolfgang recommends the battery go down to about 20% and then recharge.
2.  The battery takes 2 to 3 hours to charge, and the charge lasts about 6 hours.
3.  Ordinarily you will charge it, and then use it after it is fully charged.  
However, if you have to have it plugged in and charging while you use it, that is fine once in a while, if necessary.


NOTE:  The FREQUENCY produced by the Swiss Bionic Solutions mats will ALWAYS be within our Biological Window for healing ~ and that is the low, Earth-based frequencies of 0 to 30 Hertz!

One rule of thumb when using the full body PEMF mat ~ if in doubt regarding how much of this FREQUENCY to give (i.e. the INTENSITY) is to keep it low (i.e. 10 or even "Sensitive" for INTENSITY) especially with chronic illnesses.  In the research done by NASA ~ the intensity of 25 in the morning and 10 in the evening is good for most people.  

Once again --- Please check out the "Wolfi's Law" chart for what part of the body for how high in intensity.

Wolfi's Law ~ 


Water ~    Important Note:  STAY HYDRATED!!

Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.  (or half your body weight in ounces)

This increases effectiveness of  Omnium1 Mat and OmniSpot and OmniPad sessions. 

Contraindications ~      3 Legal Contraindications

1.  Pregnancy

2.  Epilepsy  If a seizure would appear during PEMF application it might be a legal complication for us

3.  Pacemaker - but all built after the year 2005, are Bipolar; use low intensities 25 to 50.   Blowdryers create electromagnetic field 5 times higher than our PEMF system.

Watch this video with Wolfgang Jaksch, Founder of Swiss Bionic:

If you have metal plates or metal implants, there is absolutely no contraindication, because applied intensity is so low it will not interfere.  Screws, metal plates, are absolutely okay.

* all pace makers since 2005 are bi-polar so okay to use with our system