Relax with Omnium1 Mat
Instructions to order Omnium1

Instructions for ordering Swiss Bionic Omnium1 PEMF System

Go to the website of the person who has referred you to the Swiss Bionic Omnium1 PEMF System ~ be sure to ask them for it.

If that is Diana Walker ~~ please go here:    

or contact Diana Walker at and I will assist you.

Once you are on that website, you will see my name as the “Contact Person” at the top left.  

You will see two GREEN buttons on that webpage which say "Buy and Register Now"; click on either one.  From this point it will STEP YOU THROUGH the process!

STEP 1 ~ choose your country and agree to the "Consent to Electronic Record"

STEP 2 ~ Register as a Distributor:  Choose the 7CR Plan; Line #1

STEP 3 ~ There is no Step 3 (crazy, but true)

STEP 4 ~  Personal Data (Name, Birthday, Address, Phone(s) & Email;

NOTE:  Everything with a "star" beside it must be filled in;

Your Email will be used to send you a shipping TRACKING # once your order is shipped!

Commission Payment - In Canada & USA, we can ONLY receive it as a "cheque" . . . so choose "cheque".  

Register as a Company (usually "No" ~ unless you will do this other than as a proprietorship);  Upload Files? ~ (No, you do not need to do anything in this section).

STEP 5 ~ Important:  here you need to choose a "User Name & Password"

USER NAME ~ this will become your "Website Name" so you can give it out to others that know you and are looking to purchase a mat.  

(i.e. )

As the "referring party", Swiss Bionic sends you a commission as a THANK YOU!  Most people simply use their name . . .

User Name =  _________________ (your name, or other words, as you wish it displayed in example above)

PASSWORD ~  Choose whatever you like(I'd suggest to keep your Password simple; and be sure to record it somewhere).  It will be used to get into the "back office" of your website for stats, downline info, marketing material, etc.

STEP 6~ Asks for your order, and a Shipping Address (if different from your home address).  

Your order may include:

1.  Check out the Monthly Promotion ~ order that, or whichever bundle fits you

2.  Suggestion:  Add a Purple "OmniCase for tablet" item #70114 ($39 USD or $49 CN) for protecting your tablet; or option for the Black Leather case
(January 2018 ~~~  Tablet cover not available.  Will be again soon)...

3.  Optional:  Add the travel bag or backpack

STEP 7 ~ Invoice / Billing Address / and Payment Type

No need to add "invoice or billing address" if you want it all to go to your home address.

Payment Type ~ Credit Card is the fastest and it is a secure site

STEP 8 ~ This step asks you to review your info and order

STEP 9 ~ This step provides you feedback that you were successful in placing your order . . .plus tells you CONGRATULATIONS!  

It also provides you with your 5-digit "REP ID #", reminds you of your UserName & PW, plus provides you some websites for information and how to contact Swiss Bionic Solutions.

Be sure to print that page, or write down the info.

Then you will be complete in all the steps, and can exit the website!  


NOTE:  An invoice will come with your order (unless you request it sent separately). Keep it in a safe place because in the upper right corner of your invoice is your Customer Number (which is different than your Rep ID; and is needed to use your warranty). On your invoice, make note of the Serial Numbers from your Android Tablet & black convertor box when your system arrives.


Words can simply not express how excited we all are here at Swiss Bionic Solutions to start a new era of "PEMF To Go" with the launch of Omnium1 2.0!  Finally it becomes real: The newly designed and improved Omnium1 "PEMF System To Go" will be available soon!

Currently our country warehouses are more or less sold-out of recent Omnium1 systems and we need to bridge a period of about 2-2.5 months until the brand new Omnium1 2.0 is ready to be shipped. We created a very valuable and extremely flexible "Pre-Launch Promotion Concept":

The Omnium1 2.0 Pre-Launch Promotion Options:

Option 1
Preorder an Omnium1 2.0 Complete Combo (Value = $5,655 Cdn)at the price of an Omnium1 2.0 Basic Set $4,299.00 Cdn(=free OmniSpot AND free OmniBrain) and get your brand new Omnium1 2.0 with the first shipment!
Terms and Conditions:

  • A down payment of USD 1000.00, CAD $1,500.00, CHF 1000.00, EUR 800.00, GBP 700.00, SIN$ 1500.00, HKD 10000.00 is due with the purchase order/registration!
  • Option 1 preorders will be handled with first priority when product is ready for shipping!

Option 2
Preorder an Omnium1 2.0 Complete Set (Value = $4,975 Cdn)at the price of an Omnium1 2.0 Basic Set $4,299.00 Cdn(= Free OmniSpot) AND receive a free iMRS wellfit rental immediately until the Omnium1 2.0 is ready for shipping!
Terms and Conditions:

  • Every Option 2 order needs to be prepaid in full !
  • The iMRS rental will be shipped as soon as we have received the full payment from the customer!
  • Once the new Omnium1 2.0 is available, we require that the iMRS rental be shipped back to us first (shipping fees need to be paid by the customer, about $30-$50) prior to shipping out the Omnium1 2.0!