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Comparisons - PEMF Swiss Bionic Omnium1 and Other PEMF Companies

What Makes Swiss Bionic Different?

iMRS and Omnium1 systems use the highest standard of non-insulated copper coils with a very specific layout creating an increasing electromagnetic field from the top to the bottom of the whole body applicator. 

This mimics the concept, how we as human beings are receiving the electromagnetic field of the earth (higher at the feet (= bottom), lower at the head (= top). 
The delivery of the applied electromagnetic field properties and the induction capability are hereby extremely efficient.
No competitive system on the market delivers this combined and highly effective solution!

February 1, 2018  Newsletter from Wolfgang, CEO, Swiss Bionic Solutions (SBS)

1.  http://www.pemf-joy.com/f/howto_compare.pdf

Due to the increasing sales volume over the past months, it is only natural, that more questions and inquiries with respect to PEMF in general are reaching us. From common questions about “how to use the correct protocols“ to technical questions about how to best utilize of our systems, we are also being more frequently confronted with inquiries about comparison charts of competitive devices, mostly published on the internet. As you know, SBS does not support, issue or publish such comparisons for very serious reasons:

  1. A pure and applicable comparison between two or more PEMF systems on the market would require an evaluated design in order to compare the technical features and applied parameters of the designated systems. As most of the suppliers do not even publish or know the parameters of their own systems, all available comparisons as of today are simply misleading and just serve to impress unsuspecting and clueless prospects, who are researching a suitable PEMF system.
  2. In order to figure out the true and comprehensive effectiveness of a low-pulsed PEMF system, it requires profound knowledge in physics and the understanding of how a living organism reacts to electromagnetic field exposure. We all already know, that certain parameters of applied EMF exposure may create a positive health effect, no effect at all or even harmful and health threatening effects.
  3. Most of the companies using comparison sheets actively for marketing purposes simply rely on information from unknown sources and Google search results, but reliable data from manufacturers are not readily available or being withheld.

However, we at SBS feel obligated to come up with a fine, streamlined and objective way to face much of this confusing information with professionalism and refutation. The one and only logical pathway hereby is not only to be transparent (we actually have published our applied PEMF patterns and technical specs since we are on the market) but also to educate our Lifestyle Consultants in depth about all system properties, the intended purpose of the built-in parameters and engineering background. The following topics shall serve as a comprehensive overview in order to be able to assess all these dubious and false comparisons from our so-called “competition”:

A low-pulsed PEMF device can be identified by the following properties:

  • Applicator Design (coil properties, coil layout, correlating physical effects, field exposure)
  • Applied waveforms (Sine Wave, Square Wave, Sawtooth etc.)
  • Applied Field Intensities = Amplitude (unit Gauss or Tesla)
  • Applied Frequency Spectrum (= summary of all exposed single frequencies depending on the applied waveform)
  • Resonance Properties (= ability of the living organism to “respond” to the receiving information)
  • Integrated additional features (Bio Rhythm preferences = Organ Clock, pole shift of the applied magnetic field, preprogrammed application settings, accompanying applications etc.)

2.  http://www.pemf-joy.com/f/Comparison_Chart_Bemer_vs_iMRS2000.pdf


3.  http://www.pemf-joy.com/f/Matcomparescan.pdf

We heard directly from Wolfgang Jaksch, Founder of Swiss Bionic – in a Workshop in Vancouver, BC March 2017 Swiss Bionic is #1 in the World, with 1.5 Million users and 7,000 Reps worldwide.

Swiss Bionic has been in business for 20 years.

Out of the 250 PEMF Manufacturers worldwide, Wolfgang (Founder and CEO of Swiss Bionic) says that 240 of them are not electrically safe (no CE certification) and that Swiss Bionic is the only one compliant and certified by Health Canada as a “Medical Device” (other companies don’t have the money to seek certification as it takes lots of work, documentation, money and clinical evidence).

It is technology proven by NASA and Recognized by the FDA, as well.

PEMF means Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequencies
Next to Oxygen, the Magnetic Field of the Earth is more Critical to the Life of Your Cells than anything else.
Laying on the PEMF Omnium1 Full Body Mat by Swiss Bionic is like a day at the spa, or a day in nature. We are meant to get our energy from the Magnetic Field of the earth.
iMRS = Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation
PEMF = Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency (or Field)
MRS2000 = Magnetic Resonance Stimulation 2000 Series
Omnium1 = Name for the PEMF Mat that is best for Home Use (the one I use) (also called Omni Mat)
Contact us with any questions you may have about PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy). Our Swiss Bionic Lifestyle Consultant will be in touch with answers.
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